Tim Schaible

After a successful career as an art director, I wanted to return to my

first love – painting. I knew I wanted to bring uniqueness to my painting, something that would truly reflect my individuality. I developed a set of techniques that fit my personality and temperament.

Because my brushstrokes are so expressive, I chose acrylic as my medium for its liquidity. My studio floor is often covered with ten to fifteen wet pieces at different stages of development. Between each layer of pigment, I sponge brush a layer of semi-gloss acrylic medium. This application enhances the fidelity and seals the layer of pigment, which captures a great deal more light and allows me the option to keep each layer pristine as I build the work.

I approach each painting as an adventure, letting its direction unfold as

the layers build. A piece is finished when it takes on a life of its own. The final painting can have upwards of two hundred layers of paint. One advantage of a water medium pigment is its translucence. The layering of transparent on transparent and so on, up to a few hundred layers, produces unique coloring not obtainable in a single opaque stroke.

My paintings are an attempt to capture the energy of life. From wine still lifes to landscapes to colors and textures I interpret through music, I love bringing joy to my collectors.